Malaysia's popular mid-casual dining restaurant brand for delicious and healthy chicken meals.

Our love for great, delicious food is as hot and fiery as the fire burning in our oven.” We are Kenny Rogers Roasters, makers of the signature tender, mouth-watering roasted chicken, and the special home-made muffins that the world has come to love.

The ultimate secret to our success is the special ingredient that we use for these famous offerings. In this age where cooking meals is modernized, we take pride in the classic way we cook our chicken through roasting because the process locks in its natural taste and aroma.

Our specialty is putting back love into the food we make.

Believe us, the sumptuous taste that stays in your mouth and in your mind when you bite into our food, it's the taste of passion for great food. We put love into our homestyle dishes.

It is mixed into the marinade we use for our roasted chicken; it is poured with the ingredients we use to create our signature muffins. Our story is simple; we make great meals by putting back love into food.