UK's premier coffee house

At Caffè Ritazza we have an obsession with quality food. The Firenze blend is a full-bodied yet mild and creamy coffee, well rounded with a special nutty-roast flavour, achieved by slowly roasting the coffee to a full medium roast. Using high grown Coffees from Central and South America such as Colombia and Guatemala and a small percentage of high quality Indian Robusta (15%), to give extra strength during extraction.

This Coffee is also specially processed to give low residual moisture; most important as this gives a good, long lasting crema.Ritazza is a product of UK's leading F&B Company SSP Group is the dedicated operator of more than 500 food and beverage brands Worldwide. With a heritage stretching back over 60 years, SSP Group is serving millions of customers over 30 countries across the Globe. Ritazza is an international chain of coffee shops specializing in hand crafted coffee, a unique range of cold beverages tailored for the Indian market, great food in a very contemporary designed store. The brand has multiple format options and is ideally suited to a partner seeking a global lifestyle coffee brand.

We serve around four blends offered by the café chain: Sorrento, Firenze, Napoli, Capriand Lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, paninis, muffins, croissants, hot chocolate, teas at our 119 outlets across 21 countries. CaffèRitazza has become a rendezvous for people happy to escape from the hustle and bustle of life on the go and a haven for those seeking a great coffee.

At CaffèRitazza, we aim to simplify, to bring great coffee, freshly made food, in a space that is uncluttered and where the service is efficient and friendly.

WIB promoting Caffè Ritazza ensures a coffee blend but more than anything else, the dedication, talent and skill of our baristas to ensure that whether it's a straight espresso or a Flat White, you can be sure of uncompromising taste.

Inspired by the Italian culture of food, we really believe in the pleasure of taste, that’s why freshness is so important to us. Where possible the food you can enjoy in CaffèRitazza is freshly prepared in our kitchens from well sourced ingredients. It’s good, honest food that creates a great eating experience. Just as you will experience the very best standards in coffee making at CaffèRitazza your eating experience will be just as rewarding.