UK ’s leading chain of speciality Cookies, coffee & cupcakes stores

Attracting masses since 1985, Millie's Cookies has been baking yummilicious cookies for the everyday occasion. Today there are over 90 stores worldwide. All of our Cookies, Brownies, Cookie Cakes, smoothies and shakes, hot choc, tea, and coffee come to life with carefully tested, delicious recipes and only the best ingredients. Each of our exceptionally delightful treats is baked fresh daily in your local Millie’s cookies location.

Spending the last 25 years perfecting our ways and waiting for you to taste one of our fresh from the oven cookies or melt in the mouth muffins! An international chain of small format retail bakeries based out of the UK. It specializes in gourmet cookies, muffins, milk shakes and hot drinks. The brand has raving fans worldwide including self-confessed cookie lovers, carefree teenagers & adults. The appeal of a contemporary global brand matches the small format stores making the brand ideal for India. We are the number one sweet treat brand worldwide.

Be it any occasion or celebration in style by adding a hand-iced message or have your favourite picture printed on a giant Millie's cookie! The personalized text for illustrative purposes, all hand-iced cookies texts are appearing differently on the final product.

Cookies are the heart and soul of Millie’s Cookies, but we have mastered the art of baking and we are coming with a sweet little shop that has all the food items you will fall in love with! We have shakes, cupcakes, cakes, smoothies, coffees and so much more!