Singapore's favourite soy-related beverages & street snacks made by finest ingredients.

Incorporated in Nov 1995, Jollibean started with a very simple thought…'to provide fresh, healthy soy products for everybody to enjoy everyday!' Since then, this humble thought has sprout to become the company's biggest success.

A company based in Singapore, Jollibean has developed from one specialty store to a chain of over 21 outlets. All Jollibean products are freshly produced in the outlets, unlike our competitors. In keeping with the changing taste and lifestyle of customers, Jollibean is constantly introducing new elements into the menu, design concept and marketing appeal.

  • Its soya drinks range from plain soya milk to variations of soya milk that include chendol soya milk, fruity soya milk and icy mocha soya milk.Mr Bean also produces a wide range of products that usesoya beans, such as various flavours of soya milk, biscuits, pancakes and ice cream.
  • They have an international presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, South Korea, Japan, China