About WIB

Brands are a guiding light in a market full of products. They are more about "choice" rather than just an option which channelizes consumer behaviour in a certain way by guiding them in a crowded marketplace full of "me too".WIB are employing a huge number of marketing techniques to stay ahead in this competitive global environment. “Iconic” is a big statement by definition. It must be rare for a top brand to be elevated to that status. Our brands maintain the charisma, so people get drawn towards it. Feel a sense of entitlement for being among those who "think different."

We promote Food & Beverage Iconic Brands which have champion products keeping the franchisee’s interest before our interest. Our portfolio of market leading brands with their international presence has been selected for their ‘FIT’ for the Indian Market. The Group is pleased to present the exceptional business prospects for three globally acclaimed brands in the designated territories across India. The company grows with the stakeholders, whether it’s our employees, vendors or investors. We deliver timely assistance, training, and supervision, neat& clean outlets with hygienic kitchens, serving consistent and good quality food. We help bring characteristic to our concepts. We have partnered with the UK's leading F&B Company SSP Group for their prominent brands.

WIB aims at comfort food through F&B which is both effortless and swift to serve. We offer assorted services like establishing an appropriate match-making of franchisor and franchisee, further providing functional and training set-up for the brands along with the brand extension through 'Area Development'. Our competency is to design as well as establish scalable and sustainable concepts which have optimized outlet level economics by engineering, vendor sourcing, smart menu supply chain/logistics, also growing competences at outlets & emphasis on earnest marketing. With a strong belief to advance closer to our mission we are expanding the family of happy visitants & spread a smile on faces of our franchise partners.

Our Iconic brands have their own unique characters that differentiate them from other brands. They inspire passion and loyalty. They are instantly recognizable and acquired. Stripped of the new age rhetoric these ideas are no different than the positioning statements that have filled marketing text books for decades. The essence of these brands is the strength of association between the product and its benefits and user imagery.

Over the years Global brands have grown considerably and are eventually becoming a part of our cultures. Come forward towards franchising with our upcoming brands to write your success stories and achievements towards a successful entrepreneurship. We advocate entrepreneurship and the free flow of ideas between our partners so that we achieve our goals and perform at a higher level. We conduct shows, events, meets, conferences for the brand companies, franchisors and franchisee and all those who wish to grow in this industry.